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Kwe', Nin a L’nu a L'sitkuk

Nin a teluisi Santele’s

Hello and Welcome. My English name is Teresa. I am Mi’kmaq from the unceded traditional lands of the Mi'kmaki. I am an Indian Act status member of L’sitkuk First Nations located in what is now called Nova Scotia, Canada.  I am Bear Clan.  


We are an Indigenous owned and operated company that provides cultural-based education and counseling, anti-racism training, decolonizing learning circles/workshops centered around truth and reconciliation.  All of our services are Indigenous led.  The content of our educational work is from an Indigenous perspective and worldview.  We work with Elders and Knowledge Keepers with lived experience and community backing to oversee our content and delivery format.  Our goal is to foster healthy, respectful, thriving relationships with and between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.  We believe in creating and fostering collaborations that begin with education and communication that is mutually respectful.  M'sit No'Kamaq.


"One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say."


Blanket Exercise

My ongoing healing journey has included continued education–both Indigenous and non-Indigenous learning–as well as many talking and healing circles.  Having personally experienced the virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise motivated me to become a facilitator in order to now incorporate the vKBEs as part of my Healing Circles cultural education program. Myself and my team facilitate this learning circle/workshop based on the KAIROS virtual Blanket Exercise model. This Indigenous blanket exercise can provide cultural competency training and professional/staff development in diversity and inclusion or for cultural training mandate.

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Sharing & Talking Circles

I also offer cultural-based counseling and guidance in a one-on-one setting or group setting. The setting or style of discussion is by way of Sharing/Talking Circles.  Talking is medicine.  When we engage in collaborative discourse in a spirit of humility, honesty, respect, and kindness we can see ourselves and others with empathy, compassion, and understanding rather than in judgment. Listening to each other with open hearts and minds is the first step in the truth and reconciliation process. Mutual sharing, listening without judgment and feeling heard are integral elements to healing-not only individually but also collectively. Talk therapy can open a gateway to healing.

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