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  • How is the blanket exercise conducted?
    The blanket exercise can be done either in person or virtually. There are different components to each and we recommend reading through these FAQs before choosing your decision.
  • How should participants prepare before the session?
    Prior to the session, participants are asked to write down the names of 5-10 children in their family or community under the age of 16. We do not look at the list and they do not have to show it to anyone, but the list is used during the session. Participants are asked to prepare for this impactful training mentally and emotionally and to enter the space in a good way. We ask that participants arrive and get set up and prepared 10-15 minutes prior to the start time to ensure that the session can start and end during the allotted time.
  • Should the training be scheduled for morning or afternoon?
    We suggest that the training be scheduled for the afternoon as to allow participants to be ready both mentally and emotionally and to enter the space in a good way.
  • Is the training available in French?
    We can facilitate the virtual session in French upon request.
  • How much does the training cost?
    We try our best to work within all budgets and funding limitations -- please contact to discuss your specifics.
  • Where can I find out more information about the Blanket Exercise?
    You will find more details about the Blanket Exercise here.
  • How many participants can complete the virtual training?
    For the virtual training, we can accommodate a minimum of 15 and maximum of 43 participants per session. For larger group sizes, we will work with you to host multiple sessions.
  • Can our group watch the virtual training as a group?
    Each participant is required to log into Zoom on their own laptop / desk computer with their cameras turned on.
  • Are the special device requirements?
    All participants are required to sign into the Zoom training session on their own laptop or desktop device with audio and video capabilities. Due to the limitations with Zoom and various operating systems, the session will not work on smartphones, or tablets.
  • Who Facilitates the Virtual training?
    Our sessions are Indigenous led and generally consists of 3 facilitators, including a community support person / elder / knowledge keeper.
  • How long is the training?
    We ask that all groups schedule to be actively participating in the training for the entire 3 hours duration.
  • Do we need special software for the virtual training?
    The virtual training is completed through Zoom and each individual participant will be required to log in on their own laptop / desktop device.
  • Is the virtual training option an effective teaching method?
    The virtual blanket exercise is an effective method of teaching as we incorporate various virtual backgrounds, clips and personal community maps for each of the participates to engage with personally and interactively. A number of participants will have active roles throughout the training.
  • Who facilitates the in-person training?
    Our sessions are Indigenous led, taught by two KBE-trained facilitators and may include a community Elder / Knowledge Keeper for cultural and emotional support.
  • How many people can take part in the in-person sessions?
    The minimum number of participants is 20 and the maximum is 35. The number of participants is capped to allow sufficient time for the Talking Circle which is an integral part of the KBE. *If your groups size is more than 30-35, we will work with you to make adjustments to accommodate a larger group size, but we will need to know ahead of time.
  • How long is the in-person session?
    The in-person training session is 3-hours long and includes a closing talking circle for participants to reflect on what they just learned.
  • How should the training room be prepared?
    For the in-person training the space should be booked exclusively for the session and the chairs arranged in a large circle for the talking circle near the end of the session.
  • Do participants need to bring anything?
    All participants are asked to bring their own blanket as this adds to the personal experience of the exercise. (Note that the blankets will be placed and moved around on the floor for the duration of the session. )
To Schedule a Blanket Exercise Session
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